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Our book submission contest is open to Children Book Authors ages 5 to 18 yrs. old  *Open to USA residents  *Book Submissions are Free to enter,  one book entry per child book author, ISBN is needed,  PDF file of book/ebook, & Parent(s)  Legal Guardian consent is required. 

We are excited to announce the Awesome Young Authors' Book Contest, a platform for talented young writers to showcase their creative works!
**Important Dates:**
- Submission Period: Friday, August 18, 2023 through Friday, September 8
, 2023.
- Winners Announcement: October 27,

Our annual Awesome Young Authors’ Awards event is a special celebration that recognizes and honors children who have become published authors through our program and on their own. Here are the benefits of participating in the event and why parents or guardians should encourage their children to apply when submissions open up: 

1. Recognition and Achievement: Awesome Young Authors’ Awards event provides a platform for amazing children to be recognized for their exceptional achievement as published authors. It celebrates their creativity, hard work, and dedication to writing. Being honored at the event boosts their confidence and validates their accomplishments. 

2. Community Support and Encouragement: Awesome Young Authors’ Awards event brings together a community of fellow young authors, parents, educators, and supporters. It creates a supportive and encouraging environment where children can connect with others who share their passion for writing. The camaraderie and positive feedback from the community further motivates and inspires young authors. 

3. Validation and Inspiration: Being selected for our Awesome Young Authors’ Awards validates the quality and value of a child's writing. It serves as inspiration for them to continue pursuing their literary aspirations. The recognition received at the event encourages them to explore their creativity, develop their writing skills further, and strive for even greater achievements. 

4. Networking Opportunities: Awesome Young Authors’ Awards event provides valuable networking opportunities for children and their families. They can connect with publishing professionals, authors, educators, and other individuals in the literary field. These connections can open doors for future collaborations, mentorship, and guidance, supporting the young authors in their writing journey. 

5. Exposure and Promotion: Awesome Young Authors’ Awards event offers a platform for children to showcase their published works to a wider audience. Our event generates publicity and media coverage, increasing the visibility of the young authors and their books. This exposure can lead to increased readership, book sales, and potential opportunities for further publishing endeavors. 

6. Lifelong Memories: Participating in Awesome Young Authors’ Awards event creates lifelong memories for children and their families. It is a joyous and celebratory occasion where they can proudly share their accomplishments with loved ones. Our event serves as a cherished milestone in their writing journey and becomes a treasured memory for years to come. 

Parents or guardians should encourage their children to apply for to our Awesome Young Authors’ Awards event to give them a chance to be recognized for their literary achievements, connect with a supportive community, gain valuable exposure, and be inspired to continue pursuing

their passion for writing. It is an opportunity for children to celebrate their creativity, build confidence, and take pride in their accomplishments as published authors.

Are you a young author with a published book? Our Awesome Young Authors’ Awards event is your chance to shine! Join us as we celebrate the creativity and achievements of amazing young authors like you. Receive recognition for your exceptional work, connect with fellow authors, and network with industry professionals. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your talent and be inspired to reach new heights in your writing journey. Apply when our submissions open up and be a part of our prestigious book award event.

Congratulations to our 2022 Winners!
to our 2022 Awesome Young Authors winners!
1st Place  Mary Ann Jensen
2nd Place Winner  Zoey Robinson
3rd Place Winner Justyn Boumah

Everyone who entered our book contest will receive a participation prize. Thank you for your participation, contribution to literature and our community.
Continue to be amazing! 

High Five!

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Meet our Judges

2019 Awesome Young Author Winner
 Jordan Ford
Book - The Plane Who Couldn't Fly

Thank you to our Sponsors, Donors, & Community Partners!

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