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2024 Community Engagement Opportunities & Resources   
Our programs value collaboration and actively seeks partnerships with community agencies to maximize our impact and reach. We have established strong relationships with organizations such as Dr. John Bryant Community Center,  Gateway Technical College Fab Lab, Educators Credit Union, public libraries, and Entreprenuership agenciesto enhance the services we provide. 

With Educators Credit Union, we collaborate on financial literacy initiatives. This partnership allows us to offer workshops and sessions on budgeting, saving, and responsible financial management. Educators Credit Union provides expertise and resources in the field of financial education, empowering our program participants to develop crucial financial skills for their personal and entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Our collaboration with local public libraries strengthens our literacy and educational initiatives. We work together to organize read-aloud events, book clubs, and writing workshops that promote a love for reading, enhance literacy skills, and inspire young authors. The libraries provide access to a wide range of books and resources, creating an enriching environment for our program participants. 

Community centers serve as valuable partners in facilitating our program's activities and events. These centers provide space for our workshops, training sessions, and community engagement activities. Their involvement ensures that our program is accessible and reaches a diverse range of individuals and families within the community. 

Through these partnerships, we leverage the expertise, resources, and community connections of these agencies to enhance the quality and reach of our program. By working together, we create a more comprehensive and holistic approach to support youth development, literacy, financial literacy, and community engagement. 

Evaluation of our partnerships is essential to ensure their effectiveness and alignment with our program goals. We assess the impact of these collaborations through regular communication, feedback, and evaluation surveys with our partners. This allows us to measure the success of

joint initiatives, identify areas for improvement, and foster ongoing collaboration to meet the evolving needs of our participants and the community.

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What is Read Bowl?
#READBowl is Read with Malcolm’s FREE global reading competition where PK-8 classrooms around the globe compete to read for the most minutes. The competition begins the day of the American College Football National Championship (January 9, 2024). #READBowl will culminate with a live crowning of the World Champions of Reading on the morning of the National Football League’s (NFL) Super Bowl Sunday (February 13, 2024).


What is Multicultural Children's Book Day?
Multicultural Children's Book Day is focused on bringing attention to all of the amazing children’s books available that celebrate diversity. In order to stay true to the mission of this event, co-creators Valarie Budayr and Mia Wenjen have created a definition for “multicultural books” as it applies to this event so that children can “find themselves” within the pages of the books they read.   (Learn More)
World Read Aloud Day is a global holiday celebrated annually in over 173 countries, and is all about bringing people together through the shared connection of reading aloud. For more information about the holiday, our non-profit partner #LitWorld , and to access the free Virtual Kit, which is full of activities, discussion guides, and more.   (Learn More)

 Awesome Young Authors’ Awards & Community is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.
Your tax-deductible contribution will help build & sustain a strong, thriving published youth author and aspiring youth authors community.  Thank you for your support! It's greatly appreciated!

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Your tax-deductable contribution will help build & sustain a strong, thriving published youth author and aspiring youth authors community.  Thank you for your support! It's greatly appreciated!
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