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Our Mission

Awesome Young Authors Awards & Community is a

registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Our mission is to wholeheartedly support, acknowledge, and celebrate the remarkable contributions of young published authors to the realms of literature, entrepreneurship, in our communities. Our organization is dedicated to empowering and inspiring youth and young adults on their literary journey through a diverse range of programs and initiatives.

Our organization is dedicated to nurturing children's literary journeys and fostering a lifelong love for reading. We accomplish this through engaging read-aloud events, curated subscription boxes, and empowering young authors through mentorship and publication opportunities. By doing so, we champion both literacy and budding talent in the fields of literature and entrepreneurship.

We achieve our mission by hosting captivating read-aloud events, during which dedicated volunteers and staff members share the magic of storytelling with children, nurturing a profound love for literature and fostering meaningful connections with the written word. Additionally, we curate subscription boxes filled with carefully selected books and literary-themed items, enriching the reading experience for enthusiasts of all ages.

Furthermore, our organization is committed to nurturing the next generation of authors through our young authors' project programs. These initiatives provide aspiring young and adult writers with the opportunity to hone their craft, receive invaluable mentorship, and potentially see their works published, thereby encouraging and promoting a new generation of literary talent.

In addition to literature-focused initiatives, we are also involved in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) workshops. These workshops encourage children to explore and engage with various disciplines, promoting critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. 

AYAA Girls Who Code is a program specifically designed to support girls in computer science and coding education. This initiative aims to bridge the gender gap in technology and empower young girls to pursue careers in STEM fields. 

Our social entrepreneurship programs are also part of our offerings, teaching children about the importance of using their skills and talents to make a positive impact

on their communities. These programs foster a sense of social responsibility and encourage children to think creatively about ways to address social issues. 

Lastly, community engagements play a significant role in our organization's activities.  Through community engagements, we aim to create partnerships, collaborate with local organizations, and provide resources and support to children and families in the community. 

Overall, our mission is to empower and inspire young authors, promote literacy, foster a love for reading, provide STEAM education, encourage girls in coding, promote social entrepreneurship, and engage with the community to make a positive impact. 



Recap of our Annual AYAA Red Carpet Event.

The award recipients are recognized for their dedication,

creative literary, and entrepreneurship achievements. They received the royal

treatment by a luxurious limousine ride,

red carpet entrance,  VIP table seating, personalized award, 

surprise celebrity guest appearance & power-packed prize package

filled with amazing products and gift cards from our sponsors.

  The extravagant event concludes with a young author's Q & A session & book signing.

For questions & sponsorship opportunities about

The Awesome Young Authors' Awards and Community  contact us here.

2019 Awesome Young Author's award recipients - Alex Hart-Upendo, Jordan Ford, Madisyn Julien-Brooks, Mariyah Gray, Dream Gipson, Keiland Williams, Josiah Love,  and Isaiah Thompson. Photo Credit: Ron McAllister
Mayor Cory Mason signed a proclamation declaring November 23rd as Young Author's Day!

Our Team

Semone (1).jpg
Semone Love
Executive Director
Salma (1).jpg
Selma Melik
Program  Coordinator
Jeremiah Williams
Digital Creative
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Reniaha Overbay
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